Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Inspired by Essie... ♡

If you don't already watch Essie Button on youtube then you should...
She also has a blog (i'll put both links at the end of this post)
Yesterday on her blog she did a post named...
'My 'Just-In-Case' Bag'
And today i decided to do a post on mine! I normally just have my make up bits floating around in my bag and just never thought to put it into a little make up bag!
So today i set off to Superdrug to find a cheap see-through bag to put my bits and bobs in and luckily enough i found one for £2.09! Of course whilst i was in there i had to purchase a few other things but that's a whole other story!

Onto the bag...

Benefit Pressed Powder - Get Even 02
I recently bought a new powder and completely forgot i even owned this. Well as i am completely infatuated with my new powder i decided this would be the perfect powder to pop into my bag.
I never re-apply foundation through out the day and only ever blot or re-apply pressed powder so this is fabulous to have just in case my powder looks shabby!
I also don't mind using this as a substitute for foundation just in case i have no time to apply that!

This 'No7 Palette' was something i got free when i bought a mascara but i really fell in love with it! I completely forgot i owned this but it's the perfect palette. You can achieve so many beautiful looks with this so i thought this would be perfect to have in my 'Just-In-Case' bag because i can make a variety of looks with it!

M.A.C Eyeshadow - Honey Lust
I adore this beautiful colour but always forget about it purely because it's in the packaging and not in pan form. I keep my palettes on display and my individual eyeshadow pots in a drawer so rarely ever reach for them. I figured this is also just a lovely colour to have handy in my bag just in case i have no shadow on and fancy a splash of colour.

bareMinerals - Swanky
If i'm going to put eyeshadow on i feel it necessary a lot of the time to put some highlight on my inner corner and as you might know from a post i did before i absolutely love using this in my inner corner!
I thought it would just be handy to have on me at all times if i need to reapply as i often get quite watery inner corners so find myself constantly wanting to reapply!

Topshop - Neon Rose Blush
A beautiful flush of colour for the cheeks! I don't need to go to much into this - it's just obviously handy to have a back up of blusher in your bag! This colour is also perfect for the weather at the moment and adds a beautiful flush to the cheeks!

M.A.C Lip Conditioner
NIVEA Lip Balm
Bobbi Brown Lip Balm
I just have a crazy mad habbit to apply lip balm constantly even when i don't need it!
I have a reason for having three though -
M.A.C - This gives me a glossy finish to my lips - so could go wonderfully over lipsticks but i tend to just wear it alone for a gloss
NIVEA - This obviously just moisturises my lips and works wonders so it's always good to have this in there!
Bobbi Brown - This is my go-to lip balm to wear under lipsticks because it's not too glossy and quite mattifying so works wonders for lips under lipsticks!

M.A.C Ruby Woo Matte Lipstick
It's always handy to have a lipstick in your bag and for me it's gotta be a red. Red lipsticks go with most of my outfits/make up so it's easiest to have this in there waiting for me!
If i'm wearing a certain lipstick one day i will pop that in my bag as well but for the days i forget and really fancy a pop of colour this is perfect!

Real Techniques Buffing Brush
Real Techniques Base Shadow Brush
I don't really need to explain these - The buffing brush is for the powder because it's a lovely brush to use but has been replaced by my E.L.F powder brush this month so i don't mind leaving it in my bag
The shadow brush because i refuse to apply eyeshadow with my fingers! This is a lovely fluffy brush that packs the eyeshadow on really wonderfully but doesn't get used much at home because my 217's rule everything!

Do you have a 'Just-In-Case-Bag'? XO

Youtube - http://www.youtube.com/user/essiebutton
 Blog - http://www.essiebutton.com

She really is a babe! 

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