Thursday, 29 March 2012

So i did a little bit of shopping...

March is an exciting month if you work at Waitrose or John Lewis because it's bonus month! I can't even explain to you the happiness i felt in my heart when i get this money... So i decided to enjoy it and spend most of it on myself ... After giving rent money, paying money back and going out for lunch etc!
I've never shopped online before but i recently got myself a debit card so i thought d'ya know what i'm going to go for it! So i popped some money into my account did some (a lot) of online shopping!
Below i'm going to show you what i purchased from 
1. Debenhams
2. M.A.C
3. ELF
And in a few days time expect a haul from Boots, H&M and Topshop...

So i went on the ELF website not expecting to find a lot that takes my fancy but i ended up finding a lot and i had to stop myself from buying it all!
I spent £30 exactly and got free delivery - it got here in 2 days which i think is incredible! - There is one thing missing from this picture and that's a blush i bought my mummy but she's already hidden it away in her make up bag! It's called 'merry berry' i think though! 

Single eyeshadow - Pebble
Kabuki Brush
Lipstick - Sociable
Nail Polish's - Gum Pink, Passion Pink + Twinkle
Lash and Brow gel

Blusher (i'd say a highlighter!) - Gotta Glow
Single Eyeshadow - Saddle
Matte Lip Colour - Rich Red
Now onto M.A.C!

When i originally ordered i only purchased three things and then the next day i thought well okay i may as well purchase more! If you spent over £30 you got free delivery so that's what i did!
I also originally ordered Mineralize Skin Finish in Soft & Gentle but they didn't have it in their Warehouse which i am gutted about! But yes onto my purchases...

1. Two 217 Blending brushes (this might seem excessive but i think it's always handy to have 2 blending brushes!)
2. Trace Gold blush
3. Eyeshadow - Sumptuous Olive
4. Eyeshadow - Naked Lunch
5. Eyeshadow - Cranberry
6. Eyeshadow - Ricepaper
7. Viva Glam Nicki lipstick!!!
8. Ruby Woo lipstick

And last (but not least!!) Debenhams
This was probably the order i was most excited about and you'll see why in a minute

This might seem really un-interesting to people but i am ridiculously excited!
I've wanted the Naked palette forever now and i've never thought about buying it/never been able to buy it! So i went onto Debenahms and it was the first thing i searched for i then also saw Naked 2 and thought well heck i'm here buying the first one i may aswell get number 2! And boy am i glad i did! I absolutely lovely them and i LOVE that i've gone from having neither of them to having both of them!! 
I will do a proper review on a few of the products that i've bought in a few days time once i've tried them all out!

I think now i'm going to take all my make up off and start again with my new amazing eyeshadows... I added them up and i've got 30 new eyeshadows today... definitely neccessary. 

What's your favourite thing you've bought recently? Xo


  1. I love ricepaper and trace gold!!! They are so lovely! I also have the 1st naked pallet! But idk if I should get the 2nd? Do a review! :)

    1. I'm excited to use them! I've not used them yet!
      I will definitely do a review! So far just looking at the colours i absolutely love it though - i also think it's just a staple item to have! I will do a review though! Xo