Tuesday, 28 February 2012

What's in my bag?

I am possibly the nosiest person ever and i absolutely love reading peoples blog posts and watching peoples videos on the topic 'Whats in my bag?' The contents of my bag is nothing exciting, and due to the fact i'm doing it via pictures instead of videos you don't actually get to see the little bit of mess i have at the bottom of my bag (it's mainly leaves, which confuses me?) But i cleaned out my bag a few days ago so it's all rather neat inside there!

This is my gorgeous bag. It's the Louis Vuitton Speedy 40. I got it from my lovely mummy and daddy for my eighteenth birthday! It is real and it is the nicest thing i own and i treat it like it's my own child. It's huge and reminds me very much so of a Mary Poppins bag because things never stop coming out of it!

This is the contents of my bag! There is still so much room left in there but i'd rather not have it too cluttered in there. It's so hard to find things after a day of shopping for example where i just chuck everything and anything in there! 

From left - right
Batiste Dry Shampoo - Coconut and Exotic Tropical
Sure deodrant
Step Brothers (i've kept this in there so i never forget to have it when i go to my boyfriends)
Cuticura Hand Gel
Neutrogena Hand Cream
Ralph - Ralph Lauren perfume
O.P.I nail varnish from the Katy Perry collection - The One That Got Away
Spare pair of earrings - little wings from Topshop 
Blue HUGE wallet - real leather and from charity for £2.50 i absolutely love it
Pink sparkly pencil case - i put all my first aid stuff in there. Random, yes.
Sunglasses from Next
Glee notepad - contents - what make up i need to buy, blog ideas, monthly budget etc (so exciting!!)
Bunny make up bag - this actually just holds bits and bobs that i don't want floating around!

ALSO whenever i go to my boyfriends i take my make up bag in my main bag BUT i am going to do a completely separate post on that!



  1. Your bag is gorgeous, i am so jealous! :) xx

  2. eeeek obsessed with your bag, its gorgeous! xo

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