Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Favourite products of today ...

I know this seems slightly random but today is a slightly random day for me!
Today me and my mummy are sorting out all the rooms and making bags for charity, throwing things away and quite possibly packing some boxes up.
Anyway i have two favourite products today that are proving very handy!

Oh anti bacterial hand gel I LOVE YOU. This stuff is fast taking over my huge love for my Cuticura hand gel. I purchased this the other day when i was in Superdrug with my boyfriend because i was fast running out of normal hand gel and this was by the till so i just popped it into my basket before evening looking too much into what it was like. I love it. Today whilst i rummage through old clothes, old teddies etc etc i am going to get some rather grubby paws so this today is an extremely important thing to me! After every box i sort through i use this - yes maybe that is a little OTT but i do love me some hand gel!

Fix+ i also have a huge love for you right now. I purchased this for the first time the other day after using my sisters a few years back. This today is so handy! I am going to be moving around a lot, carrying things, jogging along to the charity shops A LOT so this is keeping my make up well and truly in tact! I don't like going a day without make up and people might be like 'Sophie all you're doing today is sorting through some old junk' but to me everyday is a chance for make up to be shown! Why have the ability to do make up if you can't show it off! So that's what i'm doing! Even if the only people that see it are the little old ladies pottering around the charity shops!

So there you have it, my two favourite products of the day! I might make this a regular thing because i seem to love a different thing every day!

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