Saturday, 25 February 2012

Nail of the day!

This is my first NOTD and i always get really jealous of other peoples nails but as i've had the weekend off i've been able to properly paint my nails and i've absolutely loved it!

Yesterday when i went shopping i got a new Models Own nail varnish and their nail art pen for a bargain of £8 for the both of them! Amazing.
The colour of the nail varnish is Gold Rush and it's absolutely amazing! I've never had Models Own nail varnishes before and i absolutely love the applicator. The brush is really lovely and long and it's really easy to apply.

As you can see one of my hands is very strange and the other is different faces. My boyfriend decorated all my nails last night whilst we sat around and had a few glasses of wine (maybe a few too many?) and listened to old music. It was lovely and managed to get some pretty cute designs on my nails!

(From left to right)
A heart
A cross (i did that one)
A penis
A smiley face
A smiley face
A sad face
A super happy squigly face
And a confused :s face

I do love my boyfriend and i love looking down at my nails!

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