Saturday, 25 February 2012

M.A.C Haul (Picture heavy, sorry for bad quality!)

I just couldn't wait to post this blog so i thought i'd just use my boyfriends mac and take the pictures!
Yesterday (24th February) my boyfriend and i hopped on the bus and went to Bournemouth to do some shopping! It was my pay day on the 23rd and naturally being the shopper i am i had to go shopping straight away!

First stop - M.A.C
The first purchase i made was for some Fix+ and i've used it twice now (I tested it last night when we got home) and this morning after my second usage of it i absolutely adore it! So far i really do recommend it and if it carries on being this good i will be repurchasing. I'm not going to go too far into it because i'm going to do a proper review on all my stuff soon! This cost £12.50

My next purchase was a large palette! This cost me £11.50 and i'm just trying to build up a collection of neutral colours in this palette.

Amber Lights, All That Glitters and Wedge

Wedge, All That Glitters, Amber Lights
I am sorry for the awful swatches! As you can see from the captions i got Wedge, Amber Lights and All That Glitters. I've wanted all three of these for so long so i went along to the M.A.C shop with notepad in hand and told the sales assistant what i wanted. It was so exciting!

This pictures are awful but i've worn all three of the colours on my eyes today and i just absolutely love them! All three of them were £10 each, they're cheaper because they come like this -

... Instead of coming in a pot. So i thought well i'd rather buy a palette and fill it up with lots of eyeshadows so that they're all in one place! I come to my boyfriends quite a lot so it's easier for me to carry around palettes instead of all my lose make up!
M.A.C Captive

Captive swatch
I absolutely love this lipstick! I wanted a different colour initially but sadly they'd run out of it (i've forgotten what it was called, my boyfriend picked it out for me) but the sales assistant recommended this and i'm just a sucker for recommendations! So i bought it and ended up loving it! It cost me £13.50 and i know that's pricey but that's the price you pay for brands i guess!

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