Thursday, 23 February 2012

Boots Botanics review;

When faced with the horrible feeling of only having £10 in the bank and knowing the normal eye make up remover you use is definitely over £15 it's definitely not good. So i decided to take a trip into town with my boyfriend and found myself looking at the Botanics skin care range whilst trawling around boots. It was three for two and i can never pass up on a deal! So i decided to buy  the; Oil Free Moisturizer, Facial Scrub and Eye Make Up Remover ...

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I absolutely love this as a base moisturizer. It is moisturizing but not enough to satisfy my obsession with moisturizing my face. It smoothes over the skin really easily and leaves it feeling even and soft. I see it as being a primer for my moisturizer. I really do recommend this and the bargain price of £5.10 i will definitely be repurchasing this when it's finished. However i think it's going to take me quite a while to use it up as it only requires a tiny blob to go all around the face!

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This is the facial scrub and when i first saw it i was quite unsure about whether or not to buy it. I've tried a few facial scrubs in my time and they've all made my face really dry and some of them have scratched my face - i'm not sure if that's because i scrub too hard but i've always made sure i never rub my face too hard! BUT this product is amazing. I use it every other day if my face is really horrible but recently it's only been every three days.
1. It smells incredible
2. It leaves my skin feeling fresh and ridiculously soft
3. It is not drying at all
I really really really recommend this to everyone! I've got quite sensitive skin and it works so well on it. It doesn't sting at all and just completely freshens up my complexion. This product costs £4.07 and for a perfectly good facial scrub that's such a steal!

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This is the eye make up remover and i absolutely love this as well! My eye make up remover that i use at home is the Benefit one from their new skin care range and this Botanics one literally blows that out of the water! I keep all of these products for my boyfriends house because i always thought i'd rather leave my cheaper products here as i don't use them as much but this is just incredible. Due to it's oily consistency it leaves your face feeling moisturized instead of drying it out. I find after most eye make up removers i have to wash my face straight away and lather the moisturizer on but with this i can leave it for a few minutes whilst i brush my teeth for example. It really is the perfect eye make up remover and for someone like me that wears a ridiculous amount of eye make up remover it really is special for me to find a proper one that works. It's also perfect because you don't need to use a lot of product to take your make up off. I definitely give this 10/10 AND it only costs £3.05!!! Perfect.

I really do recommend everyone to try out this skin care range it's affordable and works just as well if not better than all the expensive products out there!

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