Sunday, 21 October 2012

review - Sanctuary Polishing Hot Cloth Cleanser

A couple of months ago i finished my REN cleansing balm and absolutely couldn't afford to repurchase it (not at the time anyway) as it's just under £30 so i decided to hit the high street. I was full preparing myself to have to buy some awful cheap eye make up remover and live with that until i got paid next until i stumbled upon this beauty ...

Sanctuary Polishing Hot Cloth Cleanser - Boots £10.20

When i picked it up i couldn't believe the price, at just a little over ten pounds it's safe to say i didn't even look at it much and all of a sudden i'd purchased it. 
I was very half an half before i used this product - i knew that Sanctuary was a lovely brand and had been told many times by my mummy that she adored it so i thought i'd give it a go BUT the other half of me thought 'for just over ten pounds is this really going to be good?' ... I should never have doubted it!

Sanctuary Say - 'Every single day your skin needs to be thoroughly cleansed and gently exfoliate, without stripping it of it's natural protection and oil. Just as in a spa treatment, the Polishing Hot Cloth Cleanser opens the pores to deep cleanse, while also acting as a gentle exfoliator to help stimulate circulation. Moisturizing beeswax and gold of pleasure oil help to condition the skin, while soothing camomile helps to leave your complexion glowing with the radiance of a spa facial'

As shown above the £10.20 pack comes with a 125ml bottle of Cleanser and a cloth to be used in conjunction. Of course if you've already got a cloth you prefer then you wont need this but it's very handy to have and i did use it a couple of times.

The cleanser itself really was incredible! 

♡ It lathers up just the right amount to feel like it's working but not so much that it goes up my nose
♡ It smells really lovely
♡ It leaves my skin feeling extremely soft
♡ It's gentle and doesn't sting my eyes
♡ It takes the make up off SO easily without much massaging necessary
♡ It's cheap and such a great product!

So there you have my little round up ... I really do adore this product and the pictures above are taken from my second bottle of the stuff which really shows that i LOVE this! I really can't recommend enough!

Do you have any hot cloth cleanser recommendations for me? I've already tried Liz Earle of course and i'm currently using the No7 one and loving it! XO

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