Sunday, 6 May 2012

Dior & Perfume Testers

As you might know i work at Waitrose at the moment and my last shift is on Saturday. The only reason i am sad to be leaving is because i'll lose my discount card - 25% off everything (except electrical goods - that's 12.5% off) in John Lewis how good is that. Make up GALORE.
So as i'm leaving on Saturday me and my family and my gorgeous boyfriend Alex took a trip to our local John Lewis to spend ridiculous amounts of money whilst we've still got out discount - when i say that i mean i spent ridiculous amounts of money.
SO i bought quite a few things and i've decided to show you a couple of things every day and as you can see from the title today i'm showing Dior & Perfume testers. I've never gotten so many perfume testers!!

Dior Shimmer Powder - Rose Diamond
John Lewis - £32
I wanted Amber Diamond BUT they didn't have it in stock - but the worse thing about it was the fact that the lady that worked at the Dior counter didn't know what Amber Diamond was... Weird.
Anyway i adore this colour and i swatched it in the shop but i'm too afraid to even touch it now i've got it home! It's so beautiful and i actually love the pinky colours!

And now just a little look at the testers...

Chance Chanel
J'adore Dior 
Nina Ricci - Nina
Vivienne Westwood - Cheeky Alive
Dior - Miss Dior
Vera Wang - Princess
L'eau De Chloe
Viktor & Rolf - Flower Bomb

Look out for tomorrow... it'll probably be an O.P.I post!
Have you tried either of the Dior shimmer powders? I am so excited to use it! Xo

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